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One of the greatest children author….Roald Dahl

Hey students,

I  have read you the stories of Roald Dahl. We all enjoy, laugh while listening to his stories. You remember Matilda the girl with magical powers, Esio trot- story of Mr. Hoppy and his love, Twits- most ugly and weird couple  and many more…

Coming 13th of September is birthday of this great author.

His stories always involve message in disguise of the humor. His imagination to create a story larger than life was mind blowing.

his stories are still being read and enjoyed  by children all over world and continue to relish times to come.

If you are a Roald Dahl Fan please visit following website:

To know about his life and works please visit:

Amazing world of Roald Dahl:


Mr.Roald Dahl,

Students you can share your love for his books by commenting on him and telling which are  your Dahl’s favorite books .


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