Book reviews

Young Uncle in Himalayas

By Vandana Singh

Characters: Younguncle, monkeyuncle, three children-( Sarita, Ravi, baby), young uncle’s elder brother, sister in law, Pradeep dalmakhani, Quantam banana spirituals and great Keladas

The book tells us the story of Younguncle whose original name has been strangely forgotten a few years ago. When his friend monkey uncle gives him a message to give to monkey uncle’s cousins in the Himalayas the family takes a trip to the Himalayas.

There they meet Pradeep Dalmakhani, a pompous and scheming man who intends to marry only a lady whose father is willing to give him Rupees fifty lakhs. How Younguncle and the children-Sarita, Ravi and the baby help the fifty lakhs bride escape the worst fate, help an old lady called Sapna Devi who is supposedly dead get her land back and foil Dalmakhani’s  schemes forms the rest of the story .

In the process they have interesting and humorous experiences, they interact with the Quantum Banana Spirituals and their leader the Great Keladas.

This book is basically a comedy. The story with the Indian backdrop and characters is quite original. I especially liked a few situations. For instance, the part in which monkey uncle shows Younguncle the message in monkey language and how Younguncle practices it making many mistakes is very humorous. I also liked the part where Tanuja, the fifty lakh bride was helped to escape. The dialogues of Keladas were amusing especially the slogan ‘If you are not a Kela then you are akela’. However, the part when   Pradeep Dalmakhani’s men repeatedly tell Sapna Devi that she is dead was a little too overstretched and a little boring. Also, the character of Keladas could have been a little more elaborated on.

I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend this book to those who have a sense of humor, strong reading habit and those who have a wide range of reading.

– Aditya Ramkumar

VA- 5122




Boy: Tales of Childhood and Going solo by Roald Dahl

“Boy” and “Going solo” are autobiographies of  Author Roald Dahl.

But unlike other autobiographies these are really fun reading.

If your are Roald Dahl fan or want to be go grab this stories combined in single volume from the library.

About the book:

Boy : Tales of childhood

Boy by Roald Dahl is a autobiography describing the author’s life since birth till school. He explains his unpleasant experience in three schools.He starts off with a childhood story how him and his friends sneaked a rat into the candy jar of a popular store amongst children. The store owner, a witch-like lady was furious and caused trouble at school by forcing the teacher to give them a spanking. Yes, a spanking. Dahl’s mother decide that was it was too much for just a kiddy joke and decide to send him to boarding school. His tale starts off from here.

Going Solo

This is the sequel to Boy: Tales of a Childhood and pics up where we left off, when Roald is 18 and starts new adventures as an adult. Going Solo documents Dahl’s time in Africa, and as a RAF pilot during World War II. His stories are fascinating and highly entertaining. Dahl has a knack for making simply awful situations seem quite humorous at times. Numerous examples of the ineptitude of the British army during WW II are documented here, and they are appalling. However, Dahl emerges alive and victorious, and ready to tackle the next great adventure.


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